I just want to express my gratitude to you for being a listening ear and for offering practical advice and tips. I appreciate it more than you know - Angela, 1st grade teacher and mother of four
Your work is beyond awesome. Such simple suggestions, yet so powerful. I appreciate your wisdom right now to get my teaching groove back. This is the beginning of something great!!! -C., middle school science teacher
“You are really helpful, and it comes at a perfect time. I was getting ready to leave teaching.” B, high school science teacher.
“Had fun after school with the awesome Meredith Newlin!” -Kris, high school EC teacher
“This school year got off to a rough start, and I was really riding the struggle bus, but thanks to YOU and friends and good literature, I’m in a much better mindset at this point. My relationship with my students has really improved, and I’m feeling more like me.” -Sara, middle school ELA teacher
“In all seriousness, I think I will do more reflection based on some exercises from Meredith Newlin. She has great words of encouragement and wisdom every day on Instagram for me and it’s time for us teachers to take care of each other more!” -Ting, high school English teacher
“Meredith is an amazing human being, woman, writer, and teacher. Over the past several years, I have witnessed her sharing her heart and touching people’s lives with her inspiring, poignant words and deeply caring, reflective, soulful heart. She is an extraordinary teacher as evidenced by the grateful feedback and words of thanks she so often receives from her students and their parents. If you were blessed to have a special teacher in your youth who really made an impact and profound difference in your life, know that Meredith IS that teacher for so many. She is relatable, passionate, beyond competent, and has a wealth of experience not only professionally, but personally, in terms of how to live an authentic, well-rounded, meaningful, healthy life from the inside out. She walks the walk, so it is with great ease that I wholeheartedly give her the highest recommendation.” - Dawn McMorrow
“Thanks for taking time to come talk to us and sharing your commitment and passion!” Erin, ESL Teacher
“You touched the world. I was greatly motivated!”

When was the last time you had professional development that was meaningful, thought-provoking, and energizing?

My passion is to help you as a teacher go from feeling burned out and stressed to rejuvenated by shining a light on your best, truest teaching self so your confidence can soar. In addition to sharing pragmatic strategies with you for balancing the workload, prioritizing tasks, and managing classes, I also show you how to implement proven mindfulness techniques and simple self-care routines so that you can feel more positive, renew your professional passion, and give your best to your students.

In my Transformed Teacher trainings, you’ll learn how to thrive—not just survive— with less stress and more joy by learning how to achieve a stronger sense of well-being at every level, including:

* mental

* emotional

* physical

The research-based curriculum and tools of the training are based on the latest findings in the realm of mindfulness, self-care, social emotional learning, my 14 years of classroom experience as a secondary English teacher, and the principles in my book Captured Fireflies: Truths, Mistakes, And Other Gifts Of Being an English Teacher.

I promise that PD with me will be worth your while. If you’d like to take that next step to get me in your school for the 2019-2020 school year, just email me at meredith@thetransformedteacher.com so I can connect with you about the needs of you and your school. I can’t wait to hear from you!