Hi, I’m Meredith.

And I’m here to help you THRIVE.

Does this sound anything like you, dear Teacher?
Over it?

When it comes to teaching, you used to be like a golden retriever puppy—up and at ‘em before dawn. Just itching to get out the door. Smiling from ear to ear. You just couldn’t WAIT to see what was coming next.

These days, you’d prefer to spend all day sprawled out on the couch without getting yelled at, hoping someone might throw you a bone. You’ve barely got enough energy to bark at the mail carrier, and when somebody does give you a pat on the head, all you can do is heave a big sigh.

That zippy, sparkling teacher you once were is long gone…a stranger from long ago.

…Or is she?


Come have a seat and let me make you a smoothie—made with a healthy dose of honesty and a sweet touch of hope.

Let me tell you about the time my students read my journal in front of the whole class and how I couldn’t return to school for three days.

Or how one class left me feeling so demoralized that I cried the whole night and went to school the next morning looking like a dozen wasps had stung my face.

Or how I used to “eat healthy” by trying to make it through the school day on a container of blueberry yogurt, a can of soup, and exactly 1/4 cup almonds (had to be mindful of those carbs!)…only to order everything on the Wendy’s dollar drive-thru menu by the end of the day.

Or how I used to have so many papers to grade that I literally carried around a mini file cabinet to store them all. (I mean seriously, it had room for 500 file folders, two Teacher’s Edition textbooks, and a stapler. And I would carry that thing all over town like it was a purse…it came with me to the DMV, the mechanic, the post office, the oyster bar...)

Or the time I was so overwhelmed with all the school committees, coaching, and volunteering I was trying to juggle that I checked out entirely and once spent an entire planning period cutting random pictures out of a magazine.

While backing away from me slowly, a colleague said, “Okay…if this is what you feel like you need to do….”

All this to SAY, I’ve:

  • tried and failed to be Super Woman

  • gone into serious debt living on a teacher’s salary

  • fallen on my face (figuratively and literally)

  • felt the Sunday night blues (every night of the week sometimes!)

And through trials and triumphs, I’ve discovered the hard way the better way-- to:

  • ROCK your day even when a student, parent, administrator, colleague, or an entire class doesn’t seem to “like” you

  • not take anybody’s junk

  • be that teacher who uplifts, inspires, and makes a lasting difference

  • feel “caught up” every single day - without working days, nights, and weekends, and without sacrificing your work ethic

  • have money for everything you want & need without
    working 2-3 side jobs

  • say “no” without feeling guilty

  • stand up to a student, colleague, parent, or administrator without damaging your rapport or threatening your job

  • take care of yourself, even on a limited budget

  • think of yourself as a human being before a teacher

  • discover - and believe - the gorgeous truth that YOU. ARE. ENOUGH!