10 Tips for Eating Right As a Busy Teacher

10 Tips for Eating Right As a Busy Teacher

  1. Replace, don’t deny.

    If you’re craving something, don’t deny yourself. Just make or look for a version of it that will do something good for your body. For example, if you’re craving a calorie-laden mocha latte that’s sweetened with unpronounceable ingredients, go for a piece of simple dark chocolate instead.

  2. Count fiber, not calories

    Aim for 30 grams per day. Fiber keeps you full and helps everything moving through your system.

  3. Make water your beverage of choice.

    Whenever you can, choose water over soda, tea, or other sugary beverages. Clear, crisp cold water is refreshing. Squeeze some lemon juice if you need more flavor.

  4. Eat the rainbow.
    Try to get as many healthy, natural colors into your food. Remember the “superfoods” like blueberries, kale, and beets that are rich in color and filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

  5. Use the weekends to prep.
    Schedule a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday and set aside time to chop veggies for meal prep. You can also make a couple of big pots of soup that you can put into containers and take for lunch each day. To save even more time, make meals that freeze easily (like casseroles) so you don’t have to worry about cooking after a long day of teaching.

  6. Don’t let yourself go hungry.
    Pack plenty to eat throughout the day so you don’t end up at the vending machine by mid-afternoon or pilfering all the bite-sized candies on your table at the faculty meeting.

  7. Protein is power.
    Each meal and snack should have protein to help keep you focused and full of energy. Protein will also ward off cravings when you’re tempted to say “yes” to that birthday cupcake a colleague offers you.

  8. Stock up.
    Keep healthy snacks -like almonds, high fiber crackers, non-perishable fruit— on hand in your desk or in the teacher’s lounge fridge.

  9. Fats are not your frenemy. Just choose healthier, unsaturated fats, like those from nuts or avocado, Fats help your brain function better. They also help give you shinier hair, stronger nails, and more glowing skin!

  10. Go easy on the sugar and salt.

    Sugar is a temporary pick-me-up. The two minutes of enjoying a candy bar is something you pay for long after. Sugar is inflammatory and studies have shown that it contributes to cancer and premature aging. Watch out for salty snacks, too. Salt adds to that bloated, swollen feeling and studies have shown it can lead to heart disease. Focus on the flavor that comes from natural foods.

The "Comparisonitis" Cure

The "Comparisonitis" Cure

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Welcome to my Blog